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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Be Like You Chords & Lyrics | Glorious Ruins | Hillsong

Song: To Be Like You
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Hillsong
Album: Glorious Ruins

INTRO: Am - G - F - C/E - G (repeat)

Am  G  F
Humble King
F   C/E G
Ho - ly One
Am     G   F
Friend of sinners
F     C/E G
God’s own Son
Am  G  F
God in flesh
Among men
    Am     G  F
You walked my road
F      C/E  G
You understand

Servant King
Friend to me
You saved my soul
Washed my feet
Here I’ll bow
Give all to You
Lord I want
To be like You

C           G
All I want, all I need
Am            F
More of You, less of me
C               G
Take this life, Lord it’s Yours
Am             F
Have my heart, have it all

I will walk
In Your ways
Love Your word
Seek Your face
My reward
My sole pursuit
To know You more
To be like You
INSTRUMENTAL: C/E - F - G - Am (repeat)

C/E  F    G    Am
Je - sus, Je - sus
C/E   F          G       Am
All I want is to be like You
C/E  F    G    Am
Je - sus, Je - sus
C/E   F          G       Am
All I want is to be like You

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