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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

God Who Saves Chords & Lyrics | Glorious Ruins | Hillsong

Song: God Who Saves
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Hillsong
Album: Glorious Ruins

INTRO: F# - G#m - E - B/E - F# - G#m - E/B - B
       F# - G#m - E -B - F# - G#m - E - B (repeat)

F#               G#m              E
The light of the world shining in love
Taking the fall upon Your shoulders
F#                    G#m
You shattered the dark
               E           B
As You rose to life again

F#                 G#m                     E
You search all the earth for those who are lost
And leaving the rescued for the fallen
F#                G#m
You’re leading us home
           E              B
As we call upon Your Name

           F#            G#m
You’re the God who saves
           E           B
You’re the hope of all
         F#            G#m
Reaching out Your hand
        E           B
As Your people call

Our Saviour has come, let Your will be done
Your kingdom on earth as in the heavens
Our freedom is found Lord in no other name

You are the Way, the Truth and the Life
Your mercy has overcome our failings
The battle is won, Jesus in love You reign

Here in Your light ever brighter
F#                B
We lift Your Name higher and higher
G#m          E2
Here in Your light ever brighter
F#                B                 G#m
We lift Your Name higher and higher

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