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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh Great Commander Chords & Lyrics

Song: Oh Great Commander
Type: Chords and Lyrics

A                       E/AM7  
I need You now to be my strength
    D                        Asus - A
I’m grifting in this sand of loneliness
A                  E/AM7
Like a soldier I’m wounded
D                                   A
Help me make it through this day complete

A          E/AM7
Oh great Commander
Revive this dying heart
Save me from the fiery darts
Oh great Commander
D                           A  
shelter me with your mighty wings

F      Fm         C        A 
I have fallen and I cant escape
Dm          G               C     Gm - C     
Temptations coming from the heart
F          Fm           C        Asus - A
Depression sinks in and I easily cry
Dm         G
I walk the path
Em             Asus - A
Away from Your hand
Dm       G            A
Lost the battle in my heart

A          E/AM7
Oh great Commander
The soldier losing ground
But the battle’s just began
A          E/AM7
Oh great Commander
   D                               A   
My life inside was blown up by the winds
F      Fm              C           Asus - A
Like a new born on the wings of an eagle
Dm       G      C     Gm - C
Carry me to the skies
F     Fm               C                  Asus - A     
High above where I can breathe the air of freedom 
    Dm       G         Em             Asus - A
and melt the pain that hurts my inner part
Dm              G       A
hold me closely to Your heart

A          E/AM7
Oh great Commander
Lead me once again 
       A                      E
To the struggle in the land
A        E/AM7
Oh great Commander
Now I know the secret of having strength
Dm                A      F#sus - F# 
Now I can say.. together
 B7         Bm       D      E     A   
Together We win this battle in my heart

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