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Saturday, June 8, 2013

No One Else Chords & Lyrics | New Creation Church

Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: New Creation Church

Intro: F - G/B - Am - Am/G - Dm/F - Gsus

C          G/B          Am - Am/G
Lord, it’s only by Your grace
     F     Dm              Gsus - G
That I can worship in this place
C         G/B        Am - Am/G
O, what a great privilege
   F      Dm - Dm/F    Bb [- Bb/A - Gsus] - G 
To know You    face to face

         Am      Em       F
There is no one else like You
       Am      Em            F
No one else as beautiful as You
       Am   Em             F
No one else can compare to You
      Dm         Gsus     F (do intro chords)
All I want is to worship You

   C           G/B         Am - Am/G
Creator of the heavens up above
     F         Dm          Gsus - G
The stars, the sky and the earth
C    G/B         Am - Am/G
Only You will I serve
    F        Dm       Dm/F       Bb - G 
And I’ll declare Your matchless worth

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