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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where You Lead Me Chords & Lyrics | Mercy Me

Life is about choices and there are a million of them for new grads. This song reminds us all that the most important choice is following God every day of our lives. HAPPY GRADUATION BATCH 2012!!! CONGRATS!!!

Song: Where You Lead Me
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Mercy Me
Album: Undone

What is life?
Em         Bm     G          CM7    
A thousand roads, a thousand ways
            Dsus2     C9
Why am I so afraid to move
I crossed the line
Em           Bm  G            CM7
I’m stepping out so come what may
                        Dsus2    C9
I give it all cause I’m drawn to You

Am7           C
As long as my heart is beating...
D              G    C9
Where You lead   me I will follow
D              G    C9                  CM7
Where You lead   me I give my life away
D              G    C9
Where You lead  me  I will follow
D             C9  -  D  -  C9
Forever and a day
D             C9  -  D  -  C9
Forever and a day

Em - G - Dsus2 - C9
Em - G - Dsus2 - C9

I can't deny Your very presence is my life
And why would I ever turn away
Cause deep inside I know that I cannot rely
On anything less than faith

Am      Em               Dsus2  C9
This is all I’m dreaming of
Am7     Em                 D
To live completely in Your love

So this is life

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