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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Chords & Lyrics | Dara Maclean

Song: Free
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Dara Maclean
Album: You Got My Attention

Capo: 3

D                  G
Hurting heart and broken wings
D                                 Asus     A
Cannot stop Your love from always finding me
D                 G
No more days wasting away
D                         Asus     A
I finally realize the gift inside of me

D                 G 
My strength alone will never be enough
D                    Asus     A
But Your arms keep lifting me up

D                     G
You tell me I've been made free
D                                Asus        A
You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams
You whisper words that free my soul
You're the reason I have hope
D                             A
You're everything I need and more
D            G     
You made me
           D          A
You made me free

I was caged in, then You opened
Every door that held me bound and You gave me the key
No more pressure I can just breathe
The girl I tried so hard to be, has always been me

Now I'm free to love, free to live,
Free to take my life and give it all to You

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