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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hanging On Chords & Lyrics

Song: Hanging On
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Britt Nicole
Album: WOW 2012
Capo: 2

Intro: E - B - C#m - A2 (2x)

E             B
 You see my anxious heart
C#m           A2
 You see what I am feeling
E            B
 And when I fall apart
C#m                      A2
 You are there to hold me
E                B
 How great Your love for me
C#m         A
 Now I see what You're thinking
E              B
 You say I'm beautiful
C#m                A2
 Your voice is my healing
    A2               B
 Without You I just can't get by

 So I'm

E                B             C#m
 Hanging on to every word You speak
 'Cause it's all that I need
E                B             C#m
 Hanging on to every word You say
 To light up my way
C#m                  A2
 Even every little whisper I'm
E                     B
 Hanging on as if it were my life
 I'm hanging on

E                B
 And when the darkness falls
C#m            A2
 I can't see what's before me
E               B
 Your voice is like the dawn
  C#m                    A2
 Always there to guide me
    A2               F#m
 Without You I just can't get by
 So I'm

G#m                         A2
 You know me better than I know myself
G#m                A2   
 Better than anybody else
G#m                              A2
 Your love is sounding like a ringing bell
 C#m        B         A2
 Oh, oh, I won't let go   Ohh 
E   B             C#m     A2
  Never gonna let go

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