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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Worship This Way

Song: Wrong Worship
Type: Lyrics
Artists: Don't Worship This Way Band

Sometimes when we worship, we don't really mean it. What would it look like if we were to sing what we really meant? This was an illustration from a sermon about worship, and it struck a chord. Sung by George Livings, Doug Pierce, and Melissa Vasquez.

I will sing of Your love on Sundays
Only sing of Your love on Sundays
I will sing of Your love on Sundays
And this feeling is gone by Monday

I surrender some
I surrender some
Jesus I will give you little
I surrender some

I stand amazed at my hair do
My stylist outdid herself
I lift my hands and see my nails
They match my eyes oh so well

How great is this song
Sing with me how great is this song
Man I love to sing
To sing this song

Savior, I don't need a Savior
I'm busy living my life
Busy living my life
Christmas, go to church on Christmas
And maybe Easter too
So my faith is renewed

I've sung this song for years
It's now a standard here
But I still sing it
Though I don't mean it
And I just go
Go through the motions
And I fake the emotions

I exalt me
I exalt me
I exalt me
Only me

Source: First Baptist Orlando

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