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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lord, I Believe In You

Song: Lord, I Believe In You
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Lauren Talley
Album: I Live

requested by Rose Marie

Am             E        Esus  Am
Though I can't see Your holy face,
          F                C                 Gsus G
and Your throne in heaven above, it seems so far away.

And though I can't touch, can't touch Your nail scarred Hands,
I have a deep unspeakable joy, that makes my faith to stand.

         C            F
Lord I believe in You.
               C           F
I'll always believe in You.
               Dm              Fm
Though I can't see You with my eyes,
            C                    Gsus
deep in my heart Your presence I find.
         C             F
Lord I believe in You.
                  C           F
And I'll keep my trust in You.
                Dm                 Fm
Let this whole world say what they may,
            C            Gsus
no one can take this joy away.
Lord I believe.

You died for all sin.
And then You rose and now live again.
Conqueringing death and a grave,
so that I might live!

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