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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'd like to share a post by my friend, Norzkie. It can serve as a guideline for your church's music ministry.


1. Thou shall not worship unless your heart is prepared. You shall have a Sanctification Prayer and Word study before every Worship Service.

2. Honor thy Worship Leader and Band Leader, for they are the ones responsible in leading the team so that you shall have harmonious melodies in your songs and music.

3. Honor the Practice Day. Always come on time during practices and meetings. Remember that practices starts at specific time. Every time you come on time many things would be accomplished rather than wasting time in waiting for the group to be completed.

4. Honor the job of the TUNER. Always tune first all instruments and connect to the proper lines before you start playing so that the instruments will be in tune as your heart.

5. Thou shall not connect any wires or cables unless you have the knowledge of doing so.

6. Thou shall not steal or take home song sheets from the songbook or any cassette tapes from the Music room. Always ask permission first before taking any material out of the Music room.

7. Thou shall not covet other’s gifts and talents. Learn to honor and respect each other’s gifts. Remember that God made us unique which is very true with our personal gifts and talents.

8. Thou shall not be LAZY and complacent but rather always practicing in your home. Learn and listen to other Praise and Worship resources (PW tapes, music books, etc.). Remember that there is always a room for improvement and development if you will have a willing and teachable heart.

9. Thou shall not commit false accusations on who made the mistakes during practices. Always work as a Team. Remember that when somebody made a mistake, it is everybody’s fault and if it is successful, it is everybody’s effort.

10. Thou shall not commit adultery in your ministry. Commit only in one ministry where you are most effective and be FAITHFUL so that you could give your very best to the LORD.

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