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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Servant's Heart | Heart Of A Servant

Song: Servant's Heart | Heart Of A Servant
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Sari Simorangkir

Make me a servant--humble and meek. Lord, let me lift up those who are weak.
And may the prayers of my heart always be, make me a servant, Lord, today. [Philippians 2:5-7]

Intro: A2 - F#m7 - E2
A2 - E2/G# - F#m7 - Bsus4 - B

E                       EM7
Standing in awe of Your grace
A/E                     Am/E
Setting my feet in Your ways
C#m7                        E/B
Entering into Your presence
    A2                     Bsus4  B
To behold You face to face

E                           EM7
God of all Heaven and earth
A/E                  Am/E
Holding me in Your embrace
C#m7                             E/B
Unfailing love that surrounds me
A2                     Bsus4
Oh God I stand amazed

    B            E
My Jesus my Lord
You're the love of my life
            C#m7                      E/B
Wherever You go wanna be by Your side
            A2               E/G#   F#m7   
No longer I but Christ living in me
                  E/B        B
Serving You for all eternity
                 E                       G#m7   
My eyes set on You in this race that I run
                C#m7                   Bm7
No longer my ways let Your will be done
      E/G#   A2           E/G#    F#m7  
Make me a servant my heart's ever true
                 E/B         B
Clinging to the cross Iʼll follow You
A2                E/G# - F#m7 - Bsus4 - B
Iʼll follow You

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