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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Never Are

You Never AreSong: You Never Are
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Francesca Battistelli
Album: Hundred More Years

Intro: D A G D2

D                 A                     G        D2
Lost your way and you don't know how it happened 
D                A                G       D2
So much time you wasted, chasing satisfaction
Bm                  A                G  
Seems like there is no where else to go 
Bm                G               A
Please I wish you would come back home 

Oh, don't be so afraid 

You think that you're too far 
        A                   G
But you never are, you never are, you never are 
So scared that you're too late 

Too hidden in the dark 
         A                   G
But you never are, you never are, you never are 

D         A      G   D2
Grace is underestimated 
D                A                G       D2
All you ever really have to do is take it 
Bm                      A       G   
God is bigger than the times we fail
Bm                G       A
So why can we not forgive ourselves  

A        G
You will never be perfect 
A      G
Oh but your still worth it 
D                  G   A
You've gotta just believe 

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