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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Love That Will Not Let Me Go (Justice Album Version)Song: Love That Will Not Let Me Go
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Steve Camp
Album: Doing My Best

Love That Will Not Let Me Go Chords and Lyrics:

Bb        F2/A     Gm 
In this weary world chasing after dreams 
   F  Eb    Fsus F/A
just led me back where I started
Bb    F/A    F   Eb    Fsus F
I couldn't see my way,
or find a hiding place
     F   Eb    Fsus F
for the broken-hearted
Ab/C      Bb/D   Eb Ab/Eb Eb 
   You spoke softly to my soul,       
Bb/D       C/E     F
with one touch I was made whole

 Eb/F      Db   
(Now I know that) there is a love 
     Fm/C     Bbm
that will not let me go
      Db/Ab  Gb   Db/Gb Gb
I can face tomorrow       
because You hold me forever
Db    Fm/C      Bbm 
Stronger than the mighty winds that blow,
    Db/Ab Gb Db/Gb Gb
I'm safe within Your arms
Love that will not let me go

Lord You always knew the road that I would take
But then You saved me just in time
And what I owe to You I could not repay so I pledge You my whole life
Never trusted love before, but I won't be afraid anymore

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