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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Protest to Praise

Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: DownHere
Album: DownHere

Intro: E5 - Emaj7 - E7 - C#m7 - Badd4 2x

E       (break)                                                              C#m7 - Badd4
I knew the times would come and now the times have landed
With stinging abrasion
E  (break)                                                            
As ready as I seem to be
                         C#m7 - Badd4  Aadd2
It's never like I planned it,           yeah

F#7sus4            G#m(add6)       Aadd2
I'm wrestling my thoughts I'm overcome
                            Badd4            F#7sus4
Would you give me up I'm asking Lord
                             G#m(add6)              Aadd2
There's no where I sense Your presence here
                   Badd4       E
So I will cry out, until I go

From protest to praise
                         C#m7      E7
You're always amazing me
Aadd2                   G#m(add6)
You're changing me slow, but surely
Aadd2                  F#7sus4 Badd4       E
And You're gonna see me     to      the end

How long will I be forgotten by You forever
You're not making sense here
Seems like eternity has made a home between us, yeah


Aadd2                   G#m(add6)
You're changing me slow, but surely

Aadd2                  G#m(add6)
I just can't help but see it that way
Aadd2                  F#7sus4
Cuz You're gonna see me.....

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