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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sapagkat Ang Diyos Ay Pag-ibig

Song: Sapagkat Ang Diyos Ay Pag-ibig
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Papuri Singers
Album: Papuri Collection

Intro: G - Bm - Em - C - D

G                               Bm
Pag-ibig ang siyang pumukaw
             Em              C
Sa ating puso't kaluluwa
                       Bm                 Em
Ang siyang nagdulot ng ating buhay
                C                D
Ng gintong aral at pag-asa

G                                 Bm
Pag-ibig ang siyang buklod natin
             Em                 C
Di mapapawi kailan pa man
               Bm              Em
Sa puso't diwa tayo'y isa lamang
              C  -   A7              D
Kahit na tayo'y magkahiwalay

G                                                    B7
Pagkat ang Diyos natin Diyos ng pag-ibig
       Em                              C
Magmahalan tayo't magtulungan
                Bm                          Em
At kung tayo'y bigo ay huwag limutin
                      C                        D
Na may Diyos tayong nagmamahal

G                       Bm
Sikapin sa ating pagtungo
          Em                     C
Ipamalita sa buong mundo
             Bm                               Em
Pag-ibig ni Hesus ang siyang sumakop sa
            C     -     A7             D
Mga pusong uhaw sa pagsuyo

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amh this is an instrumental song,,, then analang......

praise godpossible can you send that in our email

hi angelo! you can use the Share button at the top to send this chords to your email. You may also subscribe by email to get new chords as soon as they are posted. Thanks for visiting! God bless!!!

eternal love He have all we have to do is come back to HIM

favorite ko din yan over naman ako

favorite ko din yan i really mas lalo ang ikaw ay pag ibig drama telivision sobrang ganda i vote natin guyysssss thank for boting hello and have anice day :))))))))))

the love of jesus its one of my favorite song..,

thank God, he always remind me of who I am....

god this a beautiful song pls.remind me am especial


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