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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Di Magagapi

Song: Di Magagapi
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Musikatha
Album: Banal Mong Tahanan

Eb - Cm      Fm  -  Bb
Ta...yo  ay  di magagapi
Eb - Cm     Fm        Bb
Ta...yo ang laging magwawagi
Ab    Bb    Gm    Cm7
Sa Pangalan ni   Hesus
      Fm         C    (Eb - Fm - Bb)
Ating Hari’t Manunubos

Eb - Cm      Fm  -  Bb
Tayo ay   di magagapi
Eb - Cm     Fm     Bb
Tayo ang laging magwawagi
Ab     Bb      Gm     Cm7
Kaya’t ang papuring tunay
      Fm       Bb
Buong pusong ialay
   Fm    Bb         Eb -  Bb - Eb
Sa ating Diyos na buhay

(Eb - Fm - Bb)

Ab    Bb     Gm - Cm7
Huwag mong sayangin
       Fm     Bb    Eb
Taglay mong kapangyarihan
Ab    Bb     Gm - Cm7
Huwag mong mamaliitin
      Fm             Bb
Diyos mong mapagtagumpay

Instrumental: Eb -  Cm -  Fm - Bb (2x)
Ab -  Bb - Gm -  Cm7 - Fm - Bb - B

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