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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Always Be A Child

My Dad loves this song every time I sing it. It's a song that talks about the relationship we have with our heavenly Father which is parallel with the relationship we have with our earthly fathers. At times, we think that we're all so grown up that we don't need our fathers and just go on with our lives and take for granted the love he has for us. But our Dad never abandoned us because every time He's there to pick us up each time we stumble, comfort us each time we cry, and love us all the more because we are his children.

Have you taken the time to thank your Dad and tell him you love him?

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and to all fathers!

Moments For The Heart Vol 1 & 2Song: Always Be A Child
Type: Chords and Lyrics
Artist: Ray Boltz
Album: Let Freedom Ring

Intro: E A B7

I was there
A                   E
When you drew the breath of life
And I could hear your voice
A                      B7  
The first time that you cried
E                          A
And though you couldn't see Me
G#          C#m
I was very near
And there's something now
B7              E
That I want you to hear

E                       A
You will always be a child
In my eyes
And when you need some love
A               B7
My arms are open wide
E                      A
And even when you're growing old
G#             C#m
I hope you realize
E                      B7
You will always be a child
In my eyes

E                      A
I was there the first time
That you prayed
And I heard
A          B7
All the promises you made
E                 A
And when you fell before Me
G#                   C#m
Crying, Father, I have sinned
I picked you up
B7          E
And held you close again

CHORUS (repeat)

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