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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On My Knees

When life became hectic, Jesus withdrew to solitary places to pray. When there were big decisions to make, Jesus prayed. Jesus’ greatest victory occurred in solitary agony – the garden of Gethsemane. He prayed, “Not my will, but thine be done.” Had this victory in prayer not occurred, there would have been no Calvary. Don’t let life run you into the ground. Break away regularly and get on your knees in prayer.

On My Knees Chords & Lyrics at the jump

On My Knees Chords & Lyrics MP3
Jaci Velasquez

Intro: Amaj7 - F#m - E/D - D - A/E - D/E

AM7                F#m
There are days when i feel
       E/D     D      A/E        D/E
The best of me is ready to begin
AM7                   F#m
then there's days when i feel
      E/D - D      A/E   D/E   C#/E
I'm letting go soaring on the wind

F#m                     C#m              D
'Coz I've learned in laughter or in pain
how to survive

D     E        F#m
I get on my knees
D     E          A    E
I get on my knees
F#m     E A/E-Bm/E Bm/A    A            D#m7(B5) OR DM7
There i am be - fore         the love that changes me
   Bm7                A                     D  
see I don't know how but there's pow'r
ESUS-E            AM7 - F#m E/D-D
when i'm on my knees

AM7    F#m             E/D - D       A/E       D/E    
I can be in a crowd or by myself almost anywhere
AM7          F#m                 E/D          D
when i feel there's a need to talk with God
A/E   D/E   C#/E
He is Emmanuel

F#m           C#m                             D
when I close my eyes no darkness there
there's only light

D   ESUS-E Bm7   A
in the blue skies
D2 A/D    A/E-Bm/E-A/E  Bm7
in the midnight
D        ESUS-E F#m
when i'm on my knees
D     E        F#m
i get on my knees
D      E         A     E
i get on my knees
F#m   E   A/E-Bm/E   A        DM7
there i am before the love that changes me
        Bm7         A/C#                D2    
see i don't know how but there's pow'r
when i'm on my
A-E - D           ESUS
oh..  when i'm on my knees
A/C#m   D      ESUS      A
yeah.. when i'm on my knees

AM7 - F#m - E/D - D
A/E - E7 - A2

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