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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lord, I Offer My Life

Lord, I Offer My Life Chords and Lyrics
Don Moen 
Intro:  C - D - G - Am$Bm$Am

G                 Am
All that I am, all that I have
                   G  D/F#
I lay them down before You, o Lord
 Em                 Em       Bm
All my regrets, all my acclaim     
Am                  Bm            C     Csus    D
The joy and the pain I'm making them Yours

 G                   Em                           Am          Bm
Lord, I offer my life to You, everything I've been through
C              Csus D  G                     Em 
Use it for Your glory, Lord I offer my days to You
                Am        Bm  C                  B7   Em
Lifting my praise to You, as a pleasing sacrifice.
Am            D         G    Am-Bm-Am
Lord I offer You my life

G                           Am
Things in the past, things yet unseen
D                                        C                G  D/F#
Wishes and dreams that are yet to come true
Em                          Bm         Em
All of my hopes, and all of my plans
Am                       Bm        C Csus  D
My heart and my hands are lifted to You...(Chorus)

Eb                 F              
What can we give
       Dm7            Gm7
That You have not given?
Eb                     F
And what do we have
                  Dm7     Gm7
That is not already Yours?
Eb           F
All we possess
                Dm7        Gsus-G7
Are these lives we're living
Bm7                C#m7           Esus E
That's what we give to You, Lord

(Change pitch)
Chorus: Dsus-E-Esus4-E
A                F#m                      Bm        A
Lord I Offer my life to you, everything I've been through
D                Dsus E  A              F#m
Use it for your glory, Lord I offer my days to you
              Bm      A    D               C#7 F#m
Lifting my praise to you, as a pleasing sacrifice
Bm            E       F#m    D           E
Lord I Offer you my life, Lord I offer you...
         F#m E A

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