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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Like Eagles

Like Eagles Chords and Lyrics
Don Moen 
Intro:  F  C  Bb  C (4X) - F

F         C                    Gm7                      C    Csus
O my soul, do you not know, have you not heard,
               F                  Dm7           Gm7                   C
It's been told from the beginning, the Lord your God is on your side,
F         C                 Gm7                  C    Csus
O my soul, don't be afraid, trust in the Lord,
               F                       Dm7              Gm7                     C   Csus
By His righteousness and power, He will strengthen, He Will guide,

                F         Dm7                    Gm7          Csus  C     
And I will soar, on wings like eagles, held by the hand of God,
         F       Dm7                Gm7                     Csus  C
I will run and not grow tired when on His name I call,
             F        Dm7                Gm7        Csus     C
For the Lord is never weary, His ways are beyond my thoughts,
        Dm7     Bb        Gm7     Csus   F  C  Bb Bb2  
I will trust in Him, with all my heart  (1st time) repeat: VS and CH

2nd time
        Dm7     F         Gm7  Csus   F   
I will trust in Him, with all my heart,
    Bb2            C                        Gm            C     F - C - Bb - C
and I will rest upon His promise, patiently I'll wait.......  
repeat Ch x2 out

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