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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He Never Sleeps

He Never Sleeps Chords and Lyrics
Don Moen
Intro: G Am F G Am F

G Am                  F
       When you've prayed every prayer
                 G             Am
That you know how to pray.
G Am            F
      Just remember the Lord will hear
 G          Am         F
And the answer is on it's way.
Our God is able.
Gsus        Dm7             Gsus
He is mighty. He is faithful.

                       Am    F                C
And He never sleeps, He never slumbers.
                  Am       F              C
He never tires of hearing our prayer.
                      Am  F                     C
When we are weak He becomes stronger.
      G                                 F                            C
So rest in His love and cast all of your cares on Him. 

G Am            F                                 G              Am  F
       Do you feel that the Lord has forgotten your need.
 G Am          F                                   G
       Just remember that God is always working in 
 Am            F
ways you cannot see. 
Our God is able.
Gsus        Dm7             Gsus
He is mighty. He is faithful.

Am F C Am F  C
Am F C G F C

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This is just a amazing song from Don moen. Just loved this song.. Planing to learn the piano  music of this song. :) 

i like the song..and yeah, our God is good all the time and He never leave us despite of our shortcomings with Him.

yes....he never sleep in hearing my prayers...thank you Lord....

Thank you for not forgotten me Lord. I just want to feel your holy spirit.....I invited you to live in my heart......I am yours....

i love this song.....very amazing..

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